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* Shaw Broadcast Services authorizes QT signals
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Program IPG Category Affiliation
Agreement /
Signal Feeds
Satellite Beam Trans-
Signal *SBS
A&EA&EVideoA&EAnik F1RNatT08Ku BandYes
A.SideASIDEVideoBlue Ant MediaAnik F2NatT32Ku BandYes
ABC SparkSPARKVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Addik TVADDIKVideoTVAAnik F2NatT29Ku BandYes
American Heroes ChannelAHCVideoDiscoveryAnik F1RNatT11Ku BandYes
American Movie ClassicsAMCVideoAMC NetworksAnik F1RNatT06Ku BandYes
Animal PlanetANIMALVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT26Ku Band 
APTN-En/aVideoAPTNAnik F1RNatT-6B-4C BandYes
APTN-Nn/aVideoAPTNAnik F1RNatT-6B-4C BandYes
APTN-WAPTNVideoAPTNAnik F2NatT16Ku BandYes
APTN-Wn/aVideoAPTNAnik F1RNatT-6B-4C BandYes
ARTVARTVVideoCBCAnik F2NatT29Ku Band 
Asian Television NetworkATNVideoATNAnik F2NatT02Ku BandYes
ATNATN ---Anik F2NatT32Ku BandYes
BBC CanadaBBCCANVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT26Ku BandYes
BBC World NewsBBCWLDVideoBBC WorldAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
BC Legislative AssemblyBCLTVVideoBC LegislatureAnik F1RNatT12Ku BandIn the clear
Big Ten NetworkBIG 10VideoBig Ten NetworkAnik F1RNatT30Ku BandYes
Black Entertainment TelevisionBETVideoBETAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
BNNBNNVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT29Ku Band 
Book TelevisionBOOKVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT04Ku Band 
BravoBRAVOVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT17Ku Band 
Canal DCANALDVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F2NatT26Ku Band 
Canal EvasionCANEVAVideoSerdyAnik F2NatT26Ku BandYes
Canal HistoriaHISTVideoCorusAnik F2NatT26Ku Band 
Canal VieCANVIEVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F2NatT26Ku Band 
Cartoon NetworkCTOONVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT3Ku BandYes
CasaCASAVideoTVAAnik F2NatT29Ku BandYes
CBC News NetworkCBCNNVideoCBCAnik F1RNatT05Ku Band 
Cine-PopCINPOPVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT27Ku BandYes
CMTCMTVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT25Ku BandYes
CNNCNNVideoTurnerAnik F1RNatT08Ku BandYes
Comedy Network EastCMDYEVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT18Ku Band 
Comedy Network WestCMDYWVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT16Ku Band 
Cooking ChannelCOOKVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT16Ku BandYes
Cosmopolitan TVCOSMOVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT29Ku BandYes
Cottage LifeCOTTVideoBlue Ant MediaAnik F1RNatT22Ku BandYes
Crime + InvestigationCRIMEVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT02Ku BandYes
CTV News ChannelCTVNCVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT18Ku Band 
Daystar CanadaDSTARVideoWorld Impact MinistriesAnik F1RNatT06Ku BandYes
DejaviewDJAVWVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT02Ku BandYes
DiscoveryDISCOVVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT18Ku Band 
Discovery ScienceDISSCIVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT28Ku Band 
Disney Channel WestDISNEYVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT11Ku BandYes
Disney JuniorDIS JRVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT6Ku BandYes
DIY (Do It Yourself)DIYVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT28Ku BandYes
DocumentaryDOCSVideoCBCAnik F1RNatT22Ku Band 
DTOURDTOURVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT06Ku BandYes
E!E!VideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT17Ku Band 
ESPN Classic CanadaESPNCLVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT28Ku Band 
EWTNEWTNVideoEternal World Television NetworkAnik F2NatT32Ku BandYes
Exxxtasy TVEXTASYVideoGreenarrow CommunicationsAnik F2NatT16Ku BandYes
Fairchild VancouverFCHLDVideoFairchildAnik F2NatT32Ku BandYes
Family EastFAMEVideoDHX TelevisionAnik F1RNatT20Ku BandYes
Family JrFAM JRVideoDHX TelevisionAnik F1RNatT16Ku BandYes
Family WestFAMWVideoDHX TelevisionAnik F1RNatT30Ku BandYes
Fashion TelevisionFASHNVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNat T18Ku Band 
Food Network CanadaFOODVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT19Ku BandYes
Fox NewsFOXNEWVideoFOXAnik F1RNatT11Ku BandYes
FYIFYIVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT28Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Adult AlternativeMUS15Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Around the WorldMUS32Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Bande a PartGX11Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - BaroqueMUS30Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Chamber MusicMUS29Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Classic MastersMUS31Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Classic RockMUS11Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Country ClassicsMUS20Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Dance Clubbin'MUS3Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Easy ListeningMUS36Digital AudioStingrayAnik F1RNatT04Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Eclectic ElectronicMUS13Digital AudioStingrayAnik F1RNatT04Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Flashback 70sMUS9Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Folk RootsMUS18Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Franco CountryMUS21Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Franco PopMUS24Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Franco RetroMUS7Digital AudioStingrayAnik F1RNatT04Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Hit ListMUS2Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Hot CountryMUS19Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Jammin'MUS17Digital AudioStingrayAnik F1RNatT04Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Jazz MastersMUS35Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Jazz NowMUS34Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Jukebox OldiesMUS8Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Kids' StuffMUS40Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Maximum PartyMUS5Digital AudioStingrayAnik F1RNatT04Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Mousses MusiqueMUS39Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - NatureMUS38Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - NostalgieMUS23Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Pop AdultMUS1Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Pop ClassicsMUS28Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Remember the 80sMUS10Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - RockMUS12Digital AudioStingrayAnik F1RNatT04Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Rock AlternativeMUS14Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Smooth JazzMUS33Digital AudioStingrayAnik F1RNatT04Ku BandYes
Galaxie - SouvenirsMUS22Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Swingin' StandardsMUS37Digital AudioStingrayAnik F1RNatT04Ku BandYes
Galaxie - The BluesMUS16Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - The Chill LoungeMUS4Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - The LightMUS26Digital AudioStingrayAnik F1RNatT04Ku BandYes
Galaxie - The SpaMUS27Digital AudioCBCAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Top DétenteMUS25Digital AudioStingrayAnik F1RNatT04Ku BandYes
Galaxie - Urban BeatMUS6Digital AudioStingrayAnik F1RNatT04Ku BandYes
Game Show NetworkGSNVideoGame Show NetworkAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Game TVGAMETVVideoAnthem Sports and EntertainmentAnik F1RNatT06Ku BandYes
GustoGUSTOVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT17Ku Band 
H2H2VideoCorusAnik F1RNatT22Ku BandYes
HBO Canada EASTHBO EVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT27Ku Band 
HBO Canada WESTHBO WVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT20Ku BandYes
Headline News NetworkHNNVideoTurnerAnik F1RNatT21Ku BandYes
HistoryHISTRYVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT19Ku BandYes
History WestHIST WVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT19Ku BandYes
Home and Garden TVHGTVVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT19Ku BandYes
Independent Film ChannelIFCVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT28Ku BandYes
Investigation DiscoveryIDVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT17Ku Band 
Knowledge NetworkKNOWVideoKnowledge NetworkAnik F1RNatT12Ku BandIn the clear
La Chaine DisneyDISNYFVideoCorusAnik F2NatT17Ku BandYes
Le Canal NouvelleLCNVideoTVAAnik F2NatT14Ku BandYes
Leafs TVLEAFSVideoMaple Leaf SportsAnik F1RNatT11Ku Band 
LifetimeLIFETMVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT26Ku BandYes
MakefulMAKEVideoBlue Ant MediaAnik F2NatT32Ku BandYes
MAXMAXVideoV Media GroupAnik F2NatT14Ku BandYes
Météo MédiaMETEOVideoPelmorexAnik F2NatT14Ku BandYes
Moi & cieMOICIEVideoTVAAnik F2NatT32Ku BandYes
Movie TimeM TIMEVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT02Ku BandYes
MTV 2MTV2VideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT04Ku Band 
MTV CanadaMTVVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT18Ku Band 
Much MusicMUCHVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT17Ku Band 
Musique PlusMUSIQPVideoV Media GroupAnik F2NatT14Ku BandYes
Nat Geo WildN WILDVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT02Ku BandYes
National GeographicNATGEVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT26Ku BandYes
NBA TVNBA TVVideoMaple Leaf SportsAnik F1RNatT11Ku Band 
NickelodeonNICKVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT26Ku BandYes
OdysseyODSYVideoOdysseyAnik F2NatT32Ku BandYes
ONE: Body, Mind, & SpiritONEVideoZoomerMediaAnik F1RNatT28Ku BandYes
Ontario Legislative Assemblyn/aVideoOLAAnik F1RNatT-6B-4C BandIn the clear
Outdoor Life NetworkOLNVideoRogers MediaAnik F1RNatT05Ku BandYes
OUTtvOUTtvVideoHeadline MediaAnik F1RNatT22Ku BandYes
OWN: The Oprah Winfrey NetworkOWNVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT26Ku BandYes
Paramount NetworkPRMTVideoViacom MediaAnik F1RNatT08Ku Band 
Peach Tree TVPEACHVideoTurnerAnik F1RNatT08Ku BandYes
PenthousePENTVideoGreenarrow CommunicationsAnik F2NatT16Ku BandYes
Playmen TVPLAMENVideoGreenarrow CommunicationsAnik F2NatT16Ku BandYes
Prise 2PRISE2VideoTVAAnik F1RNatT25Ku BandYes
RDIRDIVideoCBCAnik F1RNatT25Ku Band 
RDSRDSVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F2NatT26Ku BandYes
RDS 2RDS 2VideoBell Media Inc.Anik F2NatT28Ku BandYes
RDS InfoRDSINFVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F2NatT29Ku Band 
Red HotREDHOTVideoGreenarrow CommunicationsAnik F2NatT16Ku BandYes
Rewindn/aVideoChannel ZeroAnik F1RNatT-6B-4C BandYes
Rogers Sportsnet EastSNETEVideoSportsnetAnik F1RNatT03Ku Band 
Rogers Sportsnet ONESNET1VideoSportsnetAnik F1RNatT29Ku BandYes
Rogers Sportsnet ONE Canucks CompanionSNCANVideoSportsnetAnik F1RNatT07Ku BandYes
Rogers Sportsnet ONE Flames CompanionSNFLAVideoSportsnetAnik F1RNatT29Ku BandYes
Rogers Sportsnet ONE Oilers CompanionSNOILVideoSportsnetAnik F1RNatT29Ku BandYes
Rogers Sportsnet OntarioSNETOVideoSportsnetAnik F1RNatT03Ku Band 
Rogers Sportsnet PacificSNETPVideoSportsnetAnik F1RNatT03Ku Band 
Rogers Sportsnet WestSNETWVideoSportsnetAnik F1RNatT03Ku Band 
Salt and LightS+LVideoSalt & Light Catholic Media FoundationAnik F2NatT17Ku BandYes
Series+SERIESVideoCorusAnik F2NatT26Ku Band 
Shaw French PPV 1TALC 1VideoShawAnik F1RNatT22Ku BandYes
Shaw French PPV 3TALC 3VideoShawAnik F1RNatT06Ku BandYes
Shaw PPV 1PPV 1VideoShawAnik F1RNatT29Ku BandYes
Shaw PPV 10PPV 10VideoShawAnik F1RNatT29Ku BandYes
Shaw PPV 11PPV 11VideoShawAnik F1RNatT29Ku BandYes
ShowcaseSHOW VideoCorusAnik F1RNatT19Ku BandYes
Showcase ActionACTIONVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT26Ku BandYes
SliceSLICEVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT19Ku BandYes
SpaceSPACEVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT17Ku Band 
Sportsnet 360SN360VideoSportsnetAnik F1RNatT19Ku BandYes
Sportsnet WorldSNWLVideoRogers MediaAnik F1RNatT29Ku BandYes
Stingray JuiceboxJUCEBXVideoStingrayAnik F1RNatT13Ku BandYes
Stingray LoudS LOUDVideoStingrayAnik F1RNatT13Ku BandYes
Stingray RetroS RETROVideoStingrayAnik F1RNatT13Ku BandYes
Stingray VibeS VIBEVideoStingrayAnik F1RNatT13Ku BandYes
Super Ecran 2ECRAN2VideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT09Ku BandYes
Super Ecran 3ECRAN3VideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT30Ku BandYes
Super Ecran 4ECRAN4VideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT30Ku BandYes
TelelatinoTLNVideoTelelatinoAnik F1RNatT11Ku BandYes
Teletoon EastTOONEVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT20Ku BandYes
Teletoon FrenchTOONFVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT30Ku BandYes
Teletoon WestTOONWVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT30Ku BandYes
The Fight NetworkFIGHTVideoAnthem Sports and EntertainmentAnik F1RNatT11Ku BandYes
The Golf ChannelGOLFVideoGolfAnik F1RNatT08Ku BandYes
The Shopping ChannelTSCVideoRogers MediaAnik F1RNatT05Ku BandIn the clear
The Weather NetworkWEATHVideoPelmorexAnik F1RNatT31Ku BandYes
TLCTLCVideoDiscoveryAnik F1RNatT08Ku BandYes
TMN 1ETMN1EVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT27Ku Band 
TMN 1WTMN1WVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT20Ku BandYes
TMN 2ETMN2EVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT27Ku Band 
TMN 2WTMN2WVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT20Ku BandYes
TMN 3ETMN3EVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT27Ku Band 
TMN 3WTMN3WVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT20Ku BandYes
TMN Encore 1EENC1EVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT27Ku Band 
TMN Encore 1WENC1WVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT20Ku BandYes
TMN Encore 2EENC2EVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT27Ku Band 
TMN Encore 2WENC2WVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT20Ku BandYes
Travel + EscapeTRAVLVideoBlue Ant MediaAnik F1RNatT28Ku BandYes
TreehouseTREEHSVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT05Ku BandYes
TSN 1TSN1VideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT18Ku Band 
TSN 2TSN2VideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT18Ku Band 
TSN 3TSN3VideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT26Ku Band 
TSN 4TSN4VideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT26Ku Band 
TSN 5TSN5VideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT17Ku Band 
Turner Classic MoviesTCMVideoTBSAnik F1RNatT04Ku BandYes
TV5TV5VideoTV5Anik F2NatT29Ku BandYes
TVO Ontario (TVO)TVOVideoTVOAnik F1RNatT21Ku BandYes
UNIS EastUNISVideoTV5Anik F2NatT29Ku BandYes
VisionVISIONVideoS-VOXAnik F1RNatT05Ku BandYes
Vrak.TVVRAKVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F1RNatT03Ku Band 
W EastW EASTVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT02Ku BandYes
W WestW WESTVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT16Ku BandYes
WFNWFNVideoInsight SportsAnik F1RNatT06Ku BandYes
WILD TVWILDVideoWild TV Inc.Anik F1RNatT30Ku Band 
YoopaYOOPAVideoTVAAnik F2NatT32Ku BandYes
YTV-EYTVEVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT05Ku BandYes
YTV-WYTVWVideoCorusAnik F1RNatT16Ku BandYes
ZtéléZVideoBell Media Inc.Anik F2NatT26Ku Band 
1. For rate information, please contact your Account Representative.
2. All information is subject to change.

* Shaw Broadcast Services authorizes QT signals